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How to Sending Fax With A Computer

unduhan (2)There are different ways in which we can send and receive fax.

I have been wondering if it was possible to send and receive fax with a computer using a phone line. Using a fax machine is not bad at all but if you don’t have one, it is so much more convenient just to buy an external fax modem so that you can send and receive fax through the computer.

In this article, I’m going to discuss what I think is the best way to send and receive fax without a fax machine. We can send fax using a fax machine, an internet fax service or a fax modem.

Using a fax machine is how people usually send fax. I like fax machines, they are neat, the look kind of like a copy machine, some of them come with a copier and a scanner included. I’m guessing you know what I’m talking about.

Another way to send fax is to use an internet fax service. There are a number of these available on the internet like efax, etc.

And last but not least, internal and external fax

The advantage of using A Vpn To Bypass Internet Censorship

images (4)To bypass internet censorship in China you need a vpn. The says of free proxies and tunnelling services are over, and as the Chinese government begins to tighten its grip on what comes in and out of the country informationally speaking, the need for a vpn to bypass internet censorship in China grows every day.

In just the past few weeks there has been a massive change in the vpn world. For computer less-than-savvy expats coming to China for work or travel have enjoyed a host of vpn companies ready for their picking. No previous knowledge of how vpns work, how firewalls block the flow of information, or technical skills of installation were needed to get started bypassing internet censorship in China. A few clicks, a couple bucks, and anyone could be back on Facebook, Youtube, and Blogger.

However, with the blocking of PPTP and L2TP protocols by the Chinese government, the ‘vpn game’ has been stepped up a bit. While choosing a vpn protocol and company is still relatively simple, recent events have perhaps served as an omen of what’s to come. Almost overnight,

The Causes A Slowing Computer

unduhan (3)Why is my computer slowing?

When you took your new computer out of the box a set it up it was fun to explore all of the new things it could do.  One of the best things about it was its speed.  Compared to your old computer it blazed, but as time has past your computer began slowing.  Now your once mighty stead limps along like an old nag and your slowing computer is causing you to tear your hair out.

What Makes A Computer Slow Down

The most common causes of a slowing computer are hidden applications that have collected on your computer and/or old parts of software and registry entries that have been left behind by uninstalls and updates of your computers applications.

Hidden Software Can Slow Down A Computer

There are many kinds of hidden applications that are installed on your computer. Some of it is installed by your permission but some of it is installed without your knowledge or permission.  When you visit certain websites they will install applications on your computer that will monitor your computer use in order to serve targeted ads

The Introduction To Process Automation Control System

The emergence of modern process technology gave rise to rapid improvement with wide array of advanced applications of automated control system ranging from home use to commercial and industrial automated processes. An automation system generally comprises the use of computer system connected to peripheral devices that are basically a combination of software and hardware designed to do a dedicated function with minimum manual interruption, thereby reducing erroneous human interactions. The advantage of the application of automation systems is also known to serve the purpose of process improvement aimed to reduce production cost and processing time. Automation system is a booming technology in various fields like industrial automation, home appliances, automobiles and aeronautics.

The implementation of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) in conjunction with a microcomputer device known as the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which both contains programmed instructions are widely used in industrial automation to manage large-scale industrial systems on factory floors or in military installations or chemical and power plants. But not everyone seems to understand what an automation system is all about, not realizing that this very system has already begun to dominate every aspect of our way of life, from intelligent talking car accessories to automatic remote

What is the Causes A Slowing Computer

Why is my computer slowing?

When you took your new computer out of the box a set it up it was fun to explore all of the new things it could do.  One of the best things about it was its speed.  Compared to your old computer it blazed, but as time has past your computer began slowing.  Now your once mighty stead limps along like an old nag and your slowing computer is causing you to tear your hair out.

What Makes A Computer Slow Down

The most common causes of a slowing computer are hidden applications that have collected on your computer and/or old parts of software and registry entries that have been left behind by uninstalls and updates of your computers applications.

Hidden Software Can Slow Down A Computer

There are many kinds of hidden applications that are installed on your computer. Some of it is installed by your permission but some of it is installed without your knowledge or permission.  When you visit certain websites they will install applications on your computer that will monitor your computer use in order to serve targeted ads to you.  Sometimes this hidden software gets on your computer when you down load free applications such

Choosing A Laptop For A Mobile Professional

Mobile professionals work and travel a lot. Choosing a laptop for one requires careful thinking. Considerations have to be made for a mobile professional’s specific computing needs. Since they are always on the go, high mobility laptops are in order.

To find that perfect fit, we must determine the kind of work that the laptop is going to be used for. Will the work only mean a lot of word processing or report-making? Or will the laptop need to support software for graphics design, CAD, accounting, etc.? Or, will the laptop only be used for basic word processing and a lot of video conferencing? Questions like these have to be asked in order to point out the factors that would bear weight in choosing a laptop.

Once the purpose of the laptop and work it is expected to support has been defined, we have 5 criteria to keep in mind in choosing a laptop for a mobile professional:

Portability. Since a mobile professional is a frequent traveler portability is a huge factor to consider. Lightweight laptops weighing less than the industry average laptop weight of 5 lbs are on top of the list. We want to get our work done and still be

Which Is Which For You

If you check out today’s lineup of tablet computers, you may notice different variations of such devices. It’s also interesting to note that each and every Android tablet has its own unique set of features, functions, specifications, pricing, risks and benefits. This is because every consumer’s wants or needs when it comes to these gadgets are unique and distinct as well. Manufacturers and companies are just trying to cater to the different Android pad tablet preferences of the public.

You may be wondering what this is all about. Why don’t you look at these sample preferences to understand better?

Big Or Small This is perhaps one of the most common preferences of individuals when it comes to buying an Android pad tablet. There can be several reasons why a person will choose one over the other. For instance, some folks prefer bigger Android tablets because they want bigger screens, which can be something of a requirement for their jobs. Others just want bigger displays for better viewing of movies or videos.

For those who don’t really need to use a bigger tablet computer, they just settle with smaller ones. You can’t avoid the fact that size does matter to some consumers of Android

What is 3d Video Gaming

3D Video Games

With 3D technology advancing and becoming integrated into many forms of our favorite entertainment and devices 3D gaming has become A wonderful feature added to our favorite games. 3D gaming consoles and 3D gaming computer systems have brought interactive 3D into our homes and mobile 3D and Handheld 3D gaming devices allows us to take the 3D fun with us wherever we go.

3D Gaming Consoles

Our favorite gaming consoles such as the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 have gone 3D capable with no problems with firmware updates. My favorite game Call Of Duty Black Ops is a 3D capable video game and when I play games in 3D it pulls you more into the action similar the way a 3D movie in theaters would. 3D gaming consoles allow both the hardcore and casual gamers to get into some serious 3D fun right from their favorite seat.

3D Computer Games

3D computer games and computer gaming systems lets the hardcore computer gamers enjoy a serious session of their favorite game in 3D. Computer gamers are able to download mods which allow them to change virtually everything within the game this will allow gamers to tweak their 3D equipment to make it look

Why is Apple Abusing Its Pricing Power With IPhone 4S

Have you ever wondered how much it really costs for Apple to produce its iPhones? Based on iSuppli’s analysis of previously released iPhones, with each iteration of a new iPhone release, the cost of production material went down. For example, iSuppli estimated that the first iPhone in 2007 had $218 worth of materials, iPhone 3G in 2008 had $166, and the iPhone 3GS in 2009 had $179 worth of materials. The iPhone 4 had $187 worth of materials. If history is any guide, it is expected that the recently released iPhone 4S will have similar, if not cheaper, cost basis.

Now the question is, as material costs went down, what was Apple’s rationale for keeping prices flat for its iPhones at around $600 USD without contract? Or for that matter, why didn’t the consumers complain? The simple answer is consumers are not a very conscious bunch. They liked those ubiquitous and expensive Apple commercials. They got serviced by an ever increasing army of tech-support and sales reps in those glossy Apple stores. And for most part, Apple did produce the best quality smartphones, which out-performed the competition. Apple also provided both the latest hardware and software. But all of this was

The Expect From A New Android Tablet

Because of the advancement of technology, newer products and gadgets are being introduced to us every now and then including a new android tablet. It seems like the Android tablet you bought a month ago becomes a thing of the distant past as the latest version is being released today. Sometimes, you get that kind of feeling.

However, you also get to think: what does the new Android tablet have to offer? What can I expect from it? If you have bought a few tablet computers previously, you can’t help but ask such questions. It’s actually interesting to imagine or somehow anticipate what’s in store for us once newer Android tablets come out.

Better Connectivity What most folks are looking for in a new Android tablet is better connectivity. Once upon a time, consumers were quite satisfied with 2G technology. But because technology is ever evolving, the world saw the rise of 3G shortly afterwards. Now, new breed of Android tablets have been developed and are still being developed by manufacturers and these latest tablets are expected to have better connectivity through advanced 3G features. There’s Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Plus 3G and there’s even the much-hyped 4G technology. This just means that we

How To Use The Ipad

The iPad continues to appeal to all types of people. It is a “magical” device. There is so much you can do on it. In this article, I want to give you four tips to point you in the right direction. I think the last tip will really benefit many of you in the long-run.

How to use the iPad. Tip #1: You can use your iPad as a digital picture frame. If you are familiar with the iphone or the ipod touch you know that there are some similarities with the iPad. For example, when you are not using your device the screen is locked and there is a button that you slide to unlock the screen. However, with the ipad there is also another button to the right that you can push to have your screen function as a digital picture frame. So rather that just seeing a frozen screen you have a slide show of your pictures on a nice sized iPad screen. And you can place this somewhere in your home or office as a digital picture frame. Pretty cool!

How to use the iPad. Tip #2: Turn your iPad into a laptop. The iPad has a keyboard

Need For Solar Power Battery Chargers

It is inevitable that climatic changes are increasing. Those changes also create new needs. When we are faced with disaster we can count on being isolated from the normal daily business and life environments that we are accustomed to. If power is loss and it takes hours and sometimes even days just to bring us back to getting on our feet, we find ourselves trying to salvage the loss in time. We count on mobile phones and laptops to keep us connected to friends, business, and personal information.

The melting of snow and the flooding from storms have in the past left some areas in a long term disaster dilemma. And starting over from scratch can be over whelming. But, a quick return to continued communications can and has in some instances reduce the anxiety and the weight of loss of time from family, friends and business.

In the summer time, the surge for electricity puts a real strain on electric power providers. And while we are looking for ways to harness more energy from solar and wind sources, the development of solar power battery chargers would not be an over-budgeted marketing project. In thinking about what we have produced already, we

Catch The March Madness Live Streaming

Ever thought how you can catch the March madness live streaming feeds right at the convenience of sitting on your couch? Well this is simpler than you think it is. I was researching on ways to figure out how to do so when I stumbled upon the website.

One smart stopping

It is colossal that it is not just alone restricted to the basketball but there are too many other interesting sports as well. What if you like super bowl, yeah they have it. How about hockey, oh yes, they do have it. Oh, buoy, how about soccer, golf and tennis then. Yes, as they do have it all at one smart stopping. You have no other choice but to download the sports streaming tool from the website and the streaming player will soon become one of your favorite destinations. Guess what, I spend almost half of my time right out here because I just love it.

Of course, I am inclined just only to basketball alone and not about many other sports indeed. I believed in the proverb jack-of-all-trades is master of none. However, I would like to edit that old adage. Jack of few trades could master them all. Yeah, they

Small Business Server 2003 With A NAS Device

While it is not necessary to associate an independent file storage device to your current computer or workstation in order to store backups and files, a NAS or Network Attached Storage device can make all the difference in the event of disasters. The problem with file servers is that they are individual computers or workstations with fully fledged systems that incorporate hardware for storage meaning that it is costly to maintain and run such systems. This is where a NAS trumps such NOS or Network Operating Systems. A backup small business server 2003 software along with a NAS will serve all purposes of backup and restore and reduce working costs which is essential to small businesses that are not looking to do dedicated with centralized file servers.

NAS is built up from the bottom up level unlike the NOS with just the bare essential hardware necessary to perform file storage and sharing services. In effect each NAS is devoid of a screen, keyboard and other peripherals and all the NAS in a workstation or server route back to one terminal screen called the NAS head to which all other systems and users on the server connect to. This eliminates working costs

What To Look For In A Garageband Alternative For Windows

I would be fabulously wealthy if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if there’s a version of Garageband for Windows. Garageband is a much-lauded music software program developed by Apple. It was first released in 2004 and though it has undergone several iterations in recent years, its reputation for making music production simple, accessible and inexpensive to users is unparalleled in the consumer market. Unfortunately for all those musically-inclined PC users out there, Apple does not make a version of Garageband for Windows.

So. That’s the bad news over with.

The good news is that there are a number of rather savvy Windows developers out there who identified a gap in the market and dove into it. This article will provide an overview of what to look for in viable Garageband for Windows alternatives for PC users.

A Garageband for Windows alternative, by definition, must meet the basic criteria that make Garageband such a desirable program. These are:

  1. Affordability: Garageband is a part of Apple’s iLife ’11 suite of applications (also includes iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb), which retail as a bundle for US$49. Cost-wise, that’s pretty hard to beat, so our alternatives must be competitive on the wallet.
  2. Simplicity: If you

Small Business Server Using Acronis

The latest installment from Acronis, the backup and Security utility 2010 provides a user the opportunity to not only create backups and restore systems to their previous states safely but also the option to clone systems both virtual and physical. With the Acronis suites and licenses you can choose how to clone small business server, whether to migrate virtual to virtual or virtual to physical or physical to virtual.

Acronis comes out with so many variants of its backup and security software that you can choose what to get as per your requirements or if you are unsure then a single software called the Acronis True image shall serve all your purposes well.

When you clone small business server, you have the option of either migrating backup image of a virtual system to a physical system or vice versa other than the obvious virtual to virtual and physical to physical options. Furthermore, as a user of the powerful Acronis software, you get the opportunity to create redundant backups and migrate or clone small business server onto a single system with at most four server clones on one system. This allows you to reduce working costs and remove redundant duplicates of servers and

How To Get An American IP Address

There are many reasons someone might want to get an American IP address. The main reasons can be categorized as

  • Entertainment
  • Privacy
  • Security

First an foremost, an American IP address can be use to access cool sites that are restricted to American users. Sites like Hulu, Netflix, CBS, Pandora, and a lot of other TV streaming sites are only available after you have an American IP address to access their sites. Now, the only reliable way to do this is through a virtual private network or VPN.

Yes, it’s true that many other kind of IP changing tools like proxies can also be used to get an American IP address, but the problem with these services is that they can be easily blocked. VP Ns not only change your IP, but they add several layers of security features that make it impossible to detect that you’re outside The US. Have you ever tried to use Hotspot Shield to watch Hulu outside The US? Even paid proxies can’t be used to stream video from Netflix – even if you’re inside The US! Are you going abroad and want to get access to your Pandora account? This is only possible through a VPN connection.

Same story with BBC

Affordable Converting Audiocassettes And Albums To Mp3

If you’re old enough to remember when boom boxes and portable cassette recorders were cutting-edge high technology, you’ve probably got a box, closet, or attic full of the vinyl LPs, 45-rpm singles, and audio cassettes you’ve collected over the years – or should I say decades? Well, I’m willing to bet that you probably haven’t been playing your recordings over the past a couple of decades – but only because I know why.

It’s because both your old music collection and what you’ve played it on are either too old, complicated or expensive to replace.

You could buy a new turntable for your stereo system, but since you are most likely either downloading MP3s or buying CDs these days, the cost just doesn’t seem justifiable. You could still find a boom box, stereo cassette deck or portable cassette player if you looked hard enough – and if you don’t mind looking outdated and just plain silly. To top it off, none of those players work well while you’re operating a vehicle!

The ideal solution would be to get your recordings on CD or MP3. Then you could listen to them at home, driving or on the go through an MP3 player, smart phone,

Game With Some Excellent Innovation

Remember the first Apple Mac? I do, still got it, it was hilarious, big old mouse with one big button, nothing like the PC’s of that era. And it didn’t work, the models didn’t sell and people all but wrote Apple off, I did. More fool me. Now look at Apple, did they get a new board of directors or something!? Certainly looks like it, as since they reinvented themselves after that first attempt at Computers they have done nothing but soar in credibility and innovation. I mean wow, who would have thought you could get a handheld computer that does practically anything that any piece of technology has ever been created has ever done.

Apple are at the forefront of this revolution. They consistently wow us with their designs and inventions. I bought an iPhone not long ago and can’t even comprehend life without it now. Sad huh. Never felt that way about my blackberry. How the hell did they make us ‘feel’ for a gadget?! Christ I bet people give their iPhones and iPads names, its mad. The iPad 2 is the latest in an illustrious line of new updates and upgrades. Its 33% thinner, and the screen is

More Nature Photography Tips things To Have

More Nature Photography Tips – Other items to have

Nearly everyone I’ve known, including me, who has gone out into ‘nature’ to take photos has made the same mistake, they don’t take some of the essentials that are needed. And, I’m not talking about camera gear. Ever forget toilet paper! So allow me to give some ideas on what to take with you in addition to the camera equipment you would normally have.

These Nature Photography Tips are for When or if you are at the point in your nature photography that you want to get the really great photos where you need to get up early at times, sometimes walk in the dark or half-light, maybe wade through a pond or stream, consider setting up a ‘blind’ and, not get lost.

You want, of course, to have with you any medication you need when you may be away from home or your campsite for longer than the interval between medications.

Water and nutritional snacks need to be a part of your planning. Keep hydrated!

OK! Now that we have talked about the basics, let’s get to the specifics.

a. Lights: At times we need to see better than by ‘the dawn’s early light’. Because you